Chasing the torch!

With the 2012 Olympics in London around the corner Olympic fever seems to be sweeping the nation, a lot of it due to the Olympic torch making it’s way round the UK and last week when it was on it’s Scottish leg Sue and I were lucky enough to get some assignments which involved chasing it for a couple of days in our local area, up in Cupar in Fife where my family stays (a good excuse to go see my parents), across in Falkirk where I grew up and back in our new home, in Edinburgh.

All in all, it was a fun time, I really enjoyed the atmosphere amongst the crowds waiting, even the rain on the first day didn’t put people off as they waited for a torch that was running an hour late. The streets would fill, roads would be closed off and in some places they didn’t even have a media section, so we really did have to get in amongst the crowds to try and get some shots and in a way, it was the crowds that gave me more memories than the torch itself (which would just pass in a few seconds each time). It was pretty amazing to see kids through adults excitedly waiting on streets, peering out of windows and just seeing their faces lighting up when they eventually managed to get a glimpse, the feeling that they were a part of something big and just for a moment, they saw part of it and experienced it in the flesh, not just vicariously through TV, the stuff of great memories.

No real artistry involved in the pics, just a case of hanging about until someone comes by and trying to get some shots, usually with me on the 70-200mm lens and Sue by my side with a 24-70mm or 17-40mm to get some wide shots (as in the portrait shot below, probably the best of our torch series). Compared to our usual work, maybe not that exciting visually but just a really good memory for us. Also, it kind of spurred us on to be more involved and we bought some tickets to go and see Korea vs Mexico in the first round of the Olympic football which will be nice. We picked a good year to move to Scotland, lots happening here and down in our Southerly cousin’s country as well.

fabrizio - ready for this amazing global event!!!

Christopher - Really nice collection of torch-bearer shots Will–it really didn’t take you long to get some assignments back in Scotland. I’m so damn jealous that you’ll be seeing Korea v. Mexico at the Olympics!!! How cool is that?

Rob - What a joy to attend and capture this event.

Will - Thanks guys, it’s good to be getting assignments coming through, still working on cutting down the media work but it’s going to take some time.

Rob, I was doing more off camera flash today, will do another one soon if I can and blog about it ;-)

Will - Christopher, we are very excited about the Korea Mexico game :-)

Laura Abigail - Love these shots! Great to see you’re getting work after moving back! :D

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